Rent assistance reviews now online… and support for youth whose parents are separating

If you receive Rent Assistance from Centrelink, you now have the option of doing your rent review online.

From time to time, we send Rent Assistance customers letters to check if the amount of rent they pay, or their accommodation details have changed. This is to make sure they are receiving the right amount of Rent Assistance.

Usually, customers need to call us or come to an office, but now they can save the trip and do their Rent Review online. To find out more, visit

In other news, 1-7 April is National Youth Week, a good time to promote the support available to children and teens affected by family separation.

Young people experience a range of emotions when their parents separate. It’s important for them to know they’re not alone and there are lots of support available.

I encourage kids to visit, where they can find a whole range of activities, games and information that can help.

Enjoy Youth Week everyone.

Until next time!
Hank Jongen
Human Services Portfolio General Manager

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