Roseo Rosales Sr. issues official statement about RJ’s passing

RJ Rosales

Sydney, 7 December 2011 –  Roseo Rosales Sr. father of RJ Rosales, reported as passing away last Monday, has spoken exclusively for the first time to this writer.

There was a  big number of views on the news posted in the Ang Kalatas (AK) website about  his son. It garnered more than 14,000 views since it was posted yesterday. Hence we felt compelled to obtain an official statement to find out the truth. He said  that he had not spoken to the media nor issued any statements on their family’s behalf.

He added that his family was still waiting for the official Coroner’s report which would not be available for quite a while. But he was willing to talk to this writer briefly to which we’re very grateful for.

Mr Roseo Sr. confirmed his second child Roseo Jose Rosales or RJ, a musical performer, singer and actor was “gone.” He was found dead around 9:30 am, Monday 5th December, according to his father. He wouldn’t elaborate or add any more details about it.

The father of four has given Ang Kalatas his consent to announce the following schedule for RJ’s wake and interment services:

Friday, 9th December 2011- 6- 9 pm , viewing of his body at Guardian Funeral Homes in Sunnyholt Road, Blacktown

Saturday, 10th December 2011- 10:30 am Mass at Blessed John XXIII Parish Church in Stanhope Gardens, after which RJ’s body will be laid to rest at the Pine Grove Memorial Park in Kingston St., Minchinbury.

He appeals to fans, supporters and friends of the family to refrain from speculating about the cause of their son’s demise until they have received the Coroner’s report.

RJ was the second child among three more siblings, with the eldest the only girl and two other boys. This writer was invited to their family home by a long time friend, Sennie Masian who knew RJ from the Paligsahan ng Talino (Talent Contest) which she organised many years ago when he was younger. “Even then, Ms Masian said, RJ showed a lot of promise as a great performer,” adding she herself was still ” in denial” about his passing. She was there with her group for a prayer vigil for RJ. Supporters and family friends gathered there to celebrate the life of a well loved member building a mini shrine in their lounge room filling it with photos of RJ from his younger days to his showbiz stint. ( As we respect the family’s privacy in their bereavement, there was no need to take photos at this time.)

Ang Kalatas joins the Philippine Australian community in expressing our deepest sympathies to the family of RJ.

He will sorely be missed, a talented and hardworking artist, an asset to the community! Our condolences on behalf of Ang Kalatas! We shall continue to respect the family’s privacy and refrain from accepting any stories related to his passing unless it has been confirmed by the family.

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7 Comments on this Post

  1. Rhodora Gutierrez

    Mr. Ross Rosales, praying and hoping that all is well with you and yours after the loss of your son.


    Dori Gutierrez, RN, PhD

  2. Rhodora Gutierrez

    My deepest sympathy to your great loss, Mr. Ross Rosales. I don’t know you but I feel like I know you.
    Dory Gutierrez, RN

  3. Ross Rosales

    It brings us pain to think that our son RJ is gone, but it is comforting to know that he is loved by many.

    Thank you all for your kind words. God bless you all.

  4. Lillian de los Reyes

    It is very sad that RJ lost his battle with his journey here on earth.
    I had a pleasure of having a brief chat and a photo taken with RJ last year when he potrayed the life of Jose Rizal.
    As a co-artist, it is indeed very sad to see someone like RJ who was so talented in every direction as a showbiz to leave so early.
    May He Rest In Peace.
    Lillian de los Reyes

  5. James Sy

    Hi Marie

    RJ – the Star – will continue to shine in everyone’s heart!

    We lost a wonderful talent – but GOD gained another angel.

    God bless – may RJ rest in peace and may his family find peace…

    With prayers

  6. Daisy Ann Cumming

    Marie, thank you for your article about RJ. Indeed I am truly saddened and as a parent I can’t comprehend how the entire family feels about the incident. RJ is resting now with the Lord. His earthly body is gone but his spirit lives forever. I hope our community collectively prays for his family for strength as they undergo such trials in life. May the LOVE of God eases their pain and sorrow.

    This is my fervent prayer for RJ and his family.

    “God, we are all your children, and at this moment we are all grieving for the loss of RJ. Lord, there are times we have to question You…why such thing happened…why did You allow such a tragedy to manifest? And we pray Lord and reflect on Your greatness… who are we to question You?

    Despite of everything Lord, we honour You and praise You. We pray for the family of RJ, lift their spirit Father that they may be strengthened by Your love through Jesus Christ Your Son. Amen

    • Marie Rea

      It was a difficult decision for me Ms. Cumming, as I too was saddened upon hearing about it. Please watch out for my column Focal Points for next month as I will share with my readers the agony I went through just deciding whether to go to the Rosales family and seek a statement. I knew they were grieving,they lost a son, I felt for them but I also had a job to do. We’re practically neighbours! Thank you!

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