Government continues to deliver for pensioners

More than 24,000 local pensioners have received an increase in their pension this week to help them make ends meet.

From 20 March, local people receiving age, disability and carer pensions, as well as veterans’ income support recipients, received a fortnightly boost to their payments as a result of indexation.

Single pensioners on the maximum rate now receive an extra $6.70 a fortnight, and pensioner couples on the maximum rate now receive an extra $10.00 a fortnight combined.

Total pension payments for people on the maximum rate, including the base rate and pension supplement, are now $755.50 a fortnight for singles, and $1,139.00 a fortnight for couples combined.

As part of this Labour Government’s historic pension reforms in 2009, we delivered the biggest increase to the pension in its 100-year history, as well as a fairer indexation system that ensures the pension keeps up with living costs.

Since 2009, Labour’s reforms have delivered increases to the maximum pension of about $154 per fortnight for singles and about $156 per fortnight for couples combined.

I know local pensioners have the least room to move in their budgets – that is why we are making sure the pension increases over time, and why we are looking out for pensioners as we move towards a clean energy future.

I’m proud of what we’ve done in Government to deliver for pensioners, and I’ll keep standing up for local pensioners to make sure they get the fair go they deserve.

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