Head vs Heart

HEAD is a part of our body, the main core which contains our  brain and our organ of special senses  i.e. the ear, eyes, nose, mouth and it’s the centre of our  intellect and will, while HEART is the seat of  our affections and emotions as distinguished from the head. These two words are inter related especially when it comes to decision or judgement. When you  DECIDE  what’s  best, do you use  your HEAD or your HEART.?  Sometimes people misjudge other people by  making  the wrong decision . How do you feel when the person you  judged was  wrongfully taken  and land into jail for several years? And then later it  was found out he/she didn’t  do anything wrong. How do you  react to this? Are you  bothered? Of course you are.  You ask forgiveness of what you  did but the damage was already there and you  can’t undo it. You did not use your HEART nor your HEAD well.

There’s a lady who  doesn’t know what to do to herself. A divorcee for a long time and doesn’t want to be with somebody else.  But then after three or four years, she got married again, thinking that this man could make her life alive again and she loves this man  (according to her). She used her HEART not her HEAD in this case. The marriage didn’t last long. He only used her to stay in Australia.  She dealt with a long legal battle until everything was gone. Again, she promised herself not to have any man in her life. Then again, unluckily she met her first husband and the love for him rekindled. She went back to him because she said, he was her  first love  and the LOVE was still there. At this point she used her HEART again to rule over her HEAD. At the start, the relationship was alright but later, the former husband was a bit abusive (verbal)  but the thing is, she could not leave him because she loves him dearly. Again, she used her HEART not her HEAD.

Sometimes people doesn’t know what to do in their lives.  They don’t know what to use, either the HEART or the  HEAD,  when  dealing in a situation  that put their  lives in uncertainty in  obtaining real happiness.  It’s really heart-breaking when you see people BELITTLED  by other people, abused by other people because they think  they have the GUTS, the MEANS, the POWER  to  hold people in their hands to squeeze them tight, tell them what do to follow, what they are told to do so.  These are the people who use their HEAD to survive in the very WRONG WAY at  the expense of others. They think they are always RIGHT and WRONG is not their language. They don’t really have the HEART for other people and their priority is “THEM” – the right people. How can  peace be obtained if we ourselves  don’t have the HEART to DO the right thing? DOING is different from talking.

Let’s face the fact that many of us when it comes to loving someone, even though there’s so many against it, when we choose our partner in life  we use our HEART less our HEAD (agree or disagree). But, if we weigh ourselves in terms of life long partner we use both (equal weight  HEAD-HEART)  our lives will be better. When we love we use our HEAD then followed by the HEART, the HEART should not rule over our HEAD.  If our HEART ruled over our HEAD life will be in chaos ( I suppose so).

Before being trapped into a situation/commitment, study every angle so that you won’t stumble or regret  later. Life is what we make it. To survive use both the HEAD and the HEART, without the other, life is not that much  beautiful nor fruitful.  There is always a vacuum or emptiness in us, that we  can’t understand. Therefore, let all of us have the HEART to love and a HEAD to think and life will be better than ever as we go on with our lives. HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY AND GOD BLESS US ALL


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