LWSC’s Big Day Out

By Glenda Penecitos

The glorious sunny day was tempered by a cool mild breeze.  Just the perfect weather everyone was waiting for.

The Living Word Servant Community (LWSC) came out in full force for their Linkage on 15 April 2012 at the Reservoir and Nature Reserve Park, Blacktown. Linkage is just one of the many activities of LWSC; the aim is to develop closer relationship, unity and teamwork among LSWC family. It is also an opportunity to extend the community spirit to friends and supporters of LWSC.

On the day, members and friends alike came with so much enthusiasm and positive attitude, eager to witness and experience camaraderie and demonstrate sportsmanship through the day’s planned activities. From the start, one could already feel the excitement in the air. Taking a cue from the opening salvo of Bro. Joe Ramirez “Let the games begin!” in true “Olympic” manner, the ‘athletes’ took their position on the field ready to seize the day.

Others were keen to show off their fashion flair in “Maria Went to Town”. Who could have thought that the men could also have fashion sense and catwalk skills as their lady counterpart? They strode on the field like a pro, ala Cindy Crawford.  There were those who demonstrated their Herculean-like strength in the “Tug of War”. The young-once also surprised and showed everyone they have still got it. Couples had also demonstrated their strategy on “Egg Throwing”. All couples but one had somehow “egged” their partner, one was even on the forehead. The last couple standing had proved to have the accuracy and flawless execution of strategy;needless to say, the rest needs more practice.

Despite having exhausted almost all energy from running, cheering and laughing, some had remained focused and maintained a sharp mind in the final game of “Message Relay”. The emerging winners wrote down the messages as accurately as received: “Truly, I tell you, whoever does not receive the Kingdom of God like a child will not enter it”. And with that message, what better way to conclude the day.

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