Permission to work

I was recently consulted on the following issue – a spouse applicant has a pending partner or spouse application with ‘ no work’ condition attached to his bridging visa.  He needs to work as his wife is unemployed and the family allowance by the wife is not enough to pay the house rent and personal needs of family including their food and other household expenses.

The option for the applicant is to seek permission to work with the Department of Immigration & Citizenship processing his application by putting an application to vary the no work condition attached to his bridging visa to allow him to work.

Another important consideration for the grant of work rights is for the applicant  to show a ‘compelling need to work’ and this is satisfied by submitting an evidence that  they will suffer and continue to suffer financial hardship if the request is not granted and show to the Department that the expenses or liabilities of the family is more than their income.

Submit the following documents to DIAC:

Prepare a schedule of your weekly income and weekly expenses in a sheet of paper.

Submit evidence of all your expenses like bills, your rent receipts if you are renting, clothing, receipts of transport and food expenses. If you have a child, it is advisable to submit a picture and receipt of food and other needs of the child.

If there are medical issues by any member of the family, submit doctor’s certificate.

Complete form 1005 which is an application to change bridging visa condition and answer questions in Part D of the form relating to your financial savings, your weekly income and weekly expenses, explain how did you support yourself before this application, whether you are receiving income from overseas and provide reasons of financial hardships if your application for work is not granted. Download the form at:

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