‘First Experience’ Enjoyed by All

A first experience can either be one that is so horrible or enjoyable. I am happy to say that a crowd of more than 150 enjoyed First Experience on Saturday, October 13, 2012. This was the concert by the Platform band, so named because three of its members work for CityRail. As this was the band’s first performance at the revamped resto-bar, which is now P-Noy Lounge 2, the concert was dubbed First Experience.

Four FilPressSydney pals [Michelle Baltazar, Bless Salonga, Millie Marcial-Phillips and I] were glad to have responded to the invitation of Raul Morales, who is a co-host of Michelle and me in Radio Sandigan. Raul plays the keyboard for the band. The other members of Platform are: Sharina Espinosa [lead singer]; Rey Cruz [drummer]. Wrenn Ferrer [bass player], Norbert Tomitit [vocalist, guitarist], and Macky Anthony [Guitarist].

From the first song “Black Velvet” by Sharina, we knew we were in for an enjoyable evening. Sharina effortlessly switched from one type of song to another – disco type “I Will Survive”, “Hot Stuff”; Aegis songs “Sinta”, “Luha”, “Halik”; English pop “Whats Up”, “Zombie”, to name a few. We also noticed she changed attire a few times during the performance.

The male members of the band were also good singers and reminded me of The Eagles, whose instrumentalists are also all good vocalists. Norbert Tomitit’s rendition of Guns N Roses song ‘Sweet Child of Mine’ drew much applause. Rey Cruz, who also entertained the group with his funny quips, sang “Use Somebody” and “Lightning Crashes”; Wrenn Ferrer also sang “For Another Day”.

During a break in the band’s performance, the crowd was entertained by Phenom, a group of energetic dancers comprised of eight youth [three females and five males]. Their precision dancing also reminded me of the successful hip-hop dance group Justice Crew. Much to the crowd’s delight, their routine included a few steps of “Ocho-Ocho” [a Filipino craze dance number].

By the second set of music, the crowd took on the dance floor too. The young ones joined by the ‘young once’ like us.

Raul Morales

Going back to Raul, he was mean on the keyboard as well. Raul did not sing on the night but he is a talented singer who recorded cd’s with his former band Archipelagean Heritage. One of their cd’s titled “The Awakening” has original compositions [lyrics and music] by Raul. The songs include: “Kalabaw at Rosas”, “Philippine Kangaroo”, “Matang Pinya”, “Musikang Pinoy” and ten other songs. You can catch a song or two, every now and then played in Radio Sandigan which airs every Friday between 9 and 10 am on 88.1FM or stream on www.2rdj.com

The concert was another show which highlighted the talents of our Filipino performers. It was indeed an enjoyable experience – good entertainment, lovely company and good food.

Click on the player below to listen to “Kalabaw at Rosas” by the Archipelagean Heritage. 


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