Jose Mari Chan Enthralls Fans

Jose Mari Chan’s love affair with his faithful fans sizzled in his concert “A Love to Last a Lifetime” held at the Diamond Auditorium in Blacktown Workers Club on October 26, 2012 and in the Mounties Club on October 28, 2012.  Along the lines of his song “Afterglow”, he certainly has passed “the test of time” with flying colours.

Jose Mari had the crowd swooning and joining in as he sang their old-time favourites – “Love at Thirty Thousand Feet”, “Can We Just Stop and Talk A While”, “Tell Me Your Name”,  “Deep in My Heart”, “Beautiful Girl”, “A Love to Last a Lifetime”, “Please Be Careful with My Heart”, to name a few.  He showed his romantic spirit by attributing the inspiration for his songs to his beautiful wife, Mary Ann, whom he acknowledged and presented to the crowd as he requested to borrow her handkerchief.

He admitted to making some adjustments and sing in slightly lower range due to the effect of performing for more than forty five years.  However, this has not diminished the impact of the lyrics and the music he has composed, on countless devoted fans.  His rapport with the audience was heart warming.   For several times, he came down from the stage to sing at various parts of the venue.  He happily paused for photographs while he continued to sing.

The audience also enjoyed his great sense of humour as he shared several jokes which formed a great part of his performance.   It did not matter that many of the jokes had been told before; the crowd still enjoyed and laughed at them as his delivery was impeccable and refreshing.  The crowd was in stitches throughout the joke segments and judging from the overall reaction, the people would have gladly stayed through the night.  In much the same way, they clamoured for ‘more’ as he bid them goodnight.  Like a real trouper, he gladly obliged them with another song.

It is also worth noting that the concert’s success was also because of the great talent of the local artists who performed at the first part of the show.  These included: Metanoia, the Oz-Myx, 3d Dancers, Rie Manoloto, Albert Prias [supported by the VIP Sydney Dancers],  Jena Gigante, Mikee de Leon and Jason Facelo.  Jose Mari Chan’s duet performance with Cleo Diana, Melanie Balagtas and Marlisa Punzalan also brought the house down!  A the close of the evening’s entertainment, the concert’s organiser, Carol Manoloto of Oz-Pinoy Promotions fervently thanked everyone for their attendance and support to the concert, as well as for their positive feedback.

Jose Mari Chan’s appeal and music definitely have not waned over the years.  Like a good wine, he has mellowed with time!


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