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AFBWCI celebrates 2nd Pasko Pinoy with a Style

The Australian Filipino Business and Workers Club Inc. (AFBWCI) held their 2nd Pasko Pinoy-Style anniversary at the Bowman Hall in Blacktown on November 30.

The event was well-attended with the party-goers eager to know who would drive home the brand new Nissan MICRA, the major prize in the grand raffle bonanza.

Councilor Kim Ford, mayor of Hawkesbury City Council, drew the winning raffle ticket assisted by Councilor Jess Diaz  from the Blacktown City Council.

The main prize, the car, however remains unclaimed.  No one has yet stepped in to claim ownership for entry ticket 851 or raffle ticket 4072 which was drawn as winner of the top prize.

According to organizers, their records showed that the winning ticket was allocated to one of the performers. Unfortunately it was returned to AFBWCI staff and one of the board members, in-charge of the entry tickets, managed to sell the ticket that same night.

“We are now blogging and publishing the winning ticket number to our Filipino local newspapers hoping that the lucky person will come forward to claim the prize. As per guidelines from the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing Authority, the organising committee has to wait for 90 days or 3 months,” said Raquel Pellero, president of AFBWCI.

“Despite every reasonable effort, the AFBWCI cannot contact or locate the prize-winner.  Should the 90 days prescribed period after the draw lapse and the prize remains unclaimed, the AFBWCI will retain the prize and the organising committee will decide for a possible re-draw of the major prize.

According to Ariel Satorre and the Board of Directors, “most likely we will have a re-draw for the major prize in fairness to everyone who have purchased the tickets.”

The winning tickets are as follows:

Major Prize (Car) – entry ticket 851 or raffle ticket no. 4072.

Minor Prizes: 7187 – Elvie Yambot (claimed); 1315  – Joe and Joebert (claimed); 6492 – E. Heyward (claimed); 7928 – Blas Polinar (claimed); 3725 – Entry Tkt 494; 4641 – Perla Velaes; 5836 – N. Keelty; 1103 – Loida Satorre (claimed); 0697 – Terry De Chavez (claimed); 9697 – Victor Valdez (claimed); 8641 – Maria Christina (claimed);  8756 – Jason King; 2647 – Cora Bookluck; 4189 – Venus Priest (claimed); 9167 – Elizabeth Heyward (claimed); 7928 – Luz Bickerstaff; 3095 – Eric Fifita (claimed); 7931 –  Y L U; 0451- Blas Polinar; 3413 – Entry Ticket 222; 3421 – Entry Ticket 230; 8940 – Nancy Redugerio; 0256 – Maria Salonga (claimed); 5730 – Jing Romero; 4800 – Feipa Camat; 7378 – William Marucha; 5134 –Alfred Garo and Raquel (claimed); 7897 – Normie Santos; 1679 – Oscar Liptai; 5654 – Nida Mangona.

***Photos by Mr. Jade Cadeliña***

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