The Child within us

It’s the season most of us look forward to each year. It is that time of the year when families get together, loved ones reunite, and employees apply for holidays to celebrate God’s greatest gift to mankind – Jesus Christ.

Some may ask: how can a child save humanity from impending doom; a child who was born to a poor family, wrapped only in swaddling clothes, and placed in a manger?

Most parents would know that holding a child smiling back at them is one of, if not, the most precious moments they could have. And, to be neglected, disrespected and ignored would be their greatest fear and heartbreak. Hence parents work really hard to provide for their kids to establish a lasting relationship.

But even in fairy tales princes and princesses can get rebellious, feel insecure, lost, and affected by ego or peer pressure. And parents often are left wondering “where did I go wrong?” In search of the mysterious “identity”, some get off course while some get stuck in the “Peter Pan” syndrome thinking it’s the easy way out.

Meanwhile this child called Jesus was born with a colossal responsibility – from the moment He was born, the salvation of humanity rested upon His shoulders.  That was His sole purpose. But Jesus, in spite of His immeasurable power, remained humble teaching and spreading the word of God. He became a great leader, mentor and a friend through His actions.

He knew He was destined for the cross. He knew He will be vilified by His enemies. Yet, he embraced his role and kept the heart of a child – pure, caring, loving, patient, understanding and joyful.

He never forgot to call upon the Lord for help. He trusted His Father’s plan. He obeyed His commandments and sought comfort from His Father. He helped the needy, forgave those who attacked him and loved unconditionally.

I look at my own daughter who’s got Down Syndrome and think, “how lucky is she” to be so close to Jesus. Sure, she gets grumpy when she’s hot, she will refuse food she doesn’t like or complain when she’s extremely uncomfortable but her heart will not be tainted by doubts, jealousy, competitiveness, spite, rage or any negative energy. She will be as pure as baby Jesus.

Maybe, that’s what God wants us to be. We will be saved (from ourselves as well) if our hearts are free from anger, pride, revenge, lust and worldly pollutants. Maybe, God wants us to humble ourselves to Him.

Think about it: what kind of parent would refuse a helpless child who needs support and guidance? Maybe, God wants us to wrap ourselves in swaddling clothes of love and security (just like baby Jesus when He was born) and die wrapped in swaddling clothes of humility (just like Jesus when He died on the cross) so we can be resurrected in His arms..

“Behold, the virgin shall be with child, and bear a Son, and they shall call Him Emmanuel – which means “God with us” (Matthew 1:23).

Maybe for us to save our relationships and save ourselves, we need to possess a heart of a child who knows how to love unconditionally, forgive people who have wronged us, trust God with all our hearts and walk the journey holding God’s hands following His lead.

Maybe our salvation is to be spiritually born again (not the physical hence the word “virgin”), bearing the Son of God in our hearts and ensuring that God (guidance, words, actions) is with us all the time.


If you’re a sceptic or non-believer, think of it this way – if you’re doing the right thing for your family, friends, loved ones and community, what have you got to lose?

Have a meaningful Christmas and a prayerful New Year!

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