Beware of phone scam promising refunds

Federal Member for Chifley Ed Husic today warned the community of a new phone scam using the lure of government refunds to try to steal money.

“I’m astounded at how sophisticated this scam is,” Mr Husic said.

“I’ve had three residents in the last few days contact my office and they have all expressed surprise at how much personal information these scammers already have.

“Those targeted have all been told the caller is from the Australian Government and provided with a name, reference number and Sydney phone number to call.

“Despite the Sydney phone number, this is most likely an off-shore scam.

“The scam asks victims to transfer a sum of money via Western Union in order to receive a substantially greater refund.

“The Australian Government does not conduct its business via Western Union and that should always ring alarm bells.”

This warning is a timely reminder about protecting your personal information as it is very valuable to those looking to commit fraud.

Anyone contacted by this or similar scams are encouraged to contact the Australian Government’s SCAMwatch infocentre on 1300 795 995.

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