God is good so be good to God

Haven’t written for a while as I can only write what my heart tells me – an indication that a lot has been going on for months so time and right head space were major issues.

But there is always time for everything and today is the day I made an earnest request for God to speak to me; and He did.

Our pastor spoke about changes and transitions. Being in leadership roles for years, I am no stranger to change management. I also had my fair share in my personal life. Change is as natural as the seasons; whether we like it or not, we need to adapt to it.

But even as an advocate, I know that a great influx of changes can be overwhelming that you unintentionally lose direction because you’re being pulled from too many. And that’s what happened to me.

He spoke about how in order to mature, we need to be vulnerable first. So before change can happen, we experience confusion, worries and discomfort just like how a snake loses its skin or how a tree loses its leaves (during the fall). How we handle that transition will show our leadership qualities within – do we put it off or do we put it forward?

I have decided not just to move on (I have left my past behind me) but to also look forward (not expect to avoid disappointment). My friends have been telling me this but I simply wanted for someone to understand what I was going through first – someone to actually hear what I had to say about it.

The thing I forgot was – SOMEONE does understand; I simply forgot to look up.

As I said, there is always time for everything and things needed to happen for other things to manifest. God never sleeps and so does the devil. Being a “living” God, He exposes us to “situations” and opportunities for growth. How we react to them will tell us who we want to make a bigger presence – Him or the enemy.

It’s quite disappointing sometimes we see a friend throw an opportunity to get some help and instead of providing an open heart, mind and ears we approach them with an iron fist, silence, lack of interest or self-righteousness. And sometimes what appears to be insignificant, innocent or done out of despair comment becomes complex due to the perceived impact on self (or others) or quick assumptions.

We are here for one thing – to love our God. But how do we show our love for Father? As Christians we should live through His words and carry His name. If we carry God in our heart then we must think, speak and act with love. For God is love (I John 4:8).

In God, we wear a different spirit – the spirit of optimism, hope, celebration, joy, compassion, understanding and kindness. But as we have been living in our human bodies, we are so comfortable with using our human skills and senses.

Instead of using our spiritual ears for guidance, we use our limited understanding and listen to the devil’s voice instead – the voice of anger, doubt, revenge, pride, greed and selfishness. By doing this, we allow the devil to become bigger than he is. We allow worry, confusion and sadness get bigger in our heads.

We also struggle with trust and faith due to our experience with our earthly spirits. By doing this we hurt ourselves, we hurt other people. We become negative, bitter, angry and uncaring. It becomes about proving we are right or wrong that makes it easy to forget about love and humility. It then becomes about us.

Sometimes, instead of using the spiritual vision, we succumb to our earthly perception keeping tabs of the good things we did for other people that sometimes instead of making us humble for the opportunity, we stand proud and self-promoting . Again, it becomes about us forgetting that all that we are doing, we are doing for God. That this is about Him.

We should be providing words of comfort and hope or professing praises of love to our brothers but sometimes we use our earthly tongues to spread gossips and make assumptions on what others do with their lives. We sometimes forget that we are not here to judge other people’s decision but to be instrumental in showing God’s grace.

With Holy Week around the corner, maybe it’s a good reminder that Jesus was sent here for a reason – to grant forgiveness to our sins. Every sin of man left a scar on His earthly body. And these wounds, flesh and blood are reminders of how we are saved – through love.

God has sacrificed His only Son while Christ has sacrificed His body for the love of ALL mankind. So if He loves ALL of us, what we do to each other will surely hurt Him. So why would we hurt anyone if this is the case?

In each of us is the power to use love or advocate the work of the enemy. I know it’s easier said than done, after all we are human. That’s why we need to surround ourselves with brothers who fight for the same cause – the love for Jesus!

And so it was written, I John 4:11 “Beloved, if God so loved us, we ought also to love one another.”

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