More support for mature age job seekers

The Government officially launched the Restart programme recently.

Beautiful Senior BusinesswomanRestart provides a $10,000 incentive to employers to hire and retain mature age job seekers aged 50 and over who have been in receipt of income support for six months or more.

The ageing population means increasing workforce participation is critical to our future prosperity, and the Government recognises that mature-aged workers have a valuable contribution to make to the workplace.

The Government’s Economic Action Strategy is aimed at getting the economy back on track, creating new opportunities and new jobs, and encouraging Australians to improve their skills and training and get into, or re-enter, the workforce.

The Restart programme – worth $524.8 million over four years – is just one measure aimed at getting more people into employment.

Other programmes include:

  • the reinvigorated Work for the Dole programme, which will be phased in across 18 higher-unemployment areas across Australia;
  • Relocation Assistance to Take up a Job, to provide financial support to job seekers to move to areas where work is available; and
  • Job Commitment Bonus, which will provide $6500 to young, long-term unemployed people if they get a job, and stay in continuous work and off welfare for two years.
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All of the Government’s policies are focused on getting more Australians into work – because the best form of welfare is a job. For more information on Restart, contact a Job Services Australia provider on 13 17 15 or or

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