Brooklyn, NSW not Brooklyn NY

  • Brooklyn Baths and Shelter
  • Brooklyn Baths
  • Bush Turkey going walkabout
  • Fishing off the pontoon with Dangar island in the background
  • Fitzies Seafoods
  • Local chooks scratching for fodder
  • Old mooney mooney ferry piles
  • Pelican at Brooklyn boatramp
  • Sandstone blocks at mooney mooney boat ramp
  • Sandstone rock formation at Brooklyn boatramp
  • Wild hawkesbury oysters

Yep, not Brooklyn, in New York or Nova Scotia West in Canada but our very own Brooklyn in NSW also with a bridge and, instead of a forest of buildings and cars in the background, we actually have a forest of trees and animals on the ground and even Dangar Island in the background.  We can even swim and fish in our waters!

Both bridges were built in the same decade, Brooklyn Bridge NY in 1883 and Brooklyn Bridge, NSW in 1889. Both bridges are used to transport people and vehicles but that is where the similarities stop. While of similar name, the two Brooklyns are not related although incidentally it was the Union Bridge Company from New York that won the contract to build our one.

Most of us who like to spend endless hours wetting the line hoping for a piscatorial reward, know that the Hawkesbury River is one of Sydney’s best fishing spots. And that’s the river under our Brooklyn Bridge. It’s about an hour’s drive, from Sydney that is, so if you are coming from Hornsby, you are nearly there.

But why go there? Well, if you’d like a spot where you and the kids can swim in a shark proof bath, with a fishing spot next to it, why wouldn’t you? There’s a playground with equipment at McKell’s Park right next to the baths, too. Parking is great. Get there early, though. It’s very popular. If you want to paddle, there are hire boats; if you don’t want to paddle, hire one with an engine – simple! It’s too easy.

You can also pack a picnic basket or buy your fresh oysters or fish and chips from Fitzie’s Seafoods across the road from the train station. I had my fish and chips there and it was the traditional one I expected. Their furniture in the veranda is also idyllic, with old doors and giant cable rollers used as tables, and oars on the rafters. They’re on Facebook, check them out.

If that’s not enough, go out n’ back and take a walking track. Take your camera so you can take some fantastic selfies or groupies. Plenty of rock formations and local birds, the feathery kind I mean. Me? I just want to fish. You? You could hop on the ferry to Dangar Island and go exploring. Just have fun!

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