VCE Expo 2014 is a Great Opportunity for Career Seekers & Builders

There is a very famous phrase, ‘Knowledge is Power’ and I added to it by saying, ‘Knowledge is Power to dictate your terms’. There is no timeframe or age limit for gaining knowledge and learning new skills. You can be 60 years old and still learn IT, Business Management, Accounting or any especial trade. Specially, in today’s competitive environment, changing technology and concepts it is highly demanding that one should always keep himself or herself up to date with current knowledge and skills in the profession of interest or the profession working in or the profession choosing for new career. Similarly, if you are a business person – running your own business or working for someone else – for success it is essential that you should have up to date knowledge on current business rules, procedures, concepts and technology.

VCE-Expo-2014-BannerDoesn’t matter how the situation of the business or jobs in the market, if you have the right skill and current knowledge of a profession, finding a job in that profession is still not a problem. In fact, Knowledge provides confidence and skills to enhance your ability to choose your path of success. Your education provides you a sense of self-worth, security and belonging.

In today’s world, learning new technology and rule of business are very important for professionals and business operators. The sign of success of any community is identified by the rate of increase in professionals and academics.

In Australia, we are lucky that we are socially, politically and economically far better than most of the countries in the World. Even for those who are unemployed, the government support is there to survive and build career and be part of workforce. It is very important to understand that you qualification and skills relate directly to your employment decisions and to career choices.

Vocational Education & Training (VET) System provides brighter employment career paths to all ages. It is a part of tertiary education and training that provides accredited training in job related areas and builds technical skills for those wishing to enter the workforce or reskill. VET covers a large number of careers and industries including various trades, office work, retail, hospitality, business management, community services, childcare, nursing and IT. The qualifications available range from Certificate II to Certificate IV and Diploma to Advanced Diploma. The Australian Government offers financial assistance known as a ‘VET Help-Fee’ to eligible citizens for participating in these courses.

The Government of New South Wales has launched the ‘Smart and Skilled’ program that offers people the chance to learn new skills and/or upgrade their qualifications so that they can advance their career, or change career path.

Recent surveys and reports by various community groups reveal that the rate of unemployment and lack of opportunities towards career building are higher in the Western Sydney region. The number of youth and school leavers with no future guidance, unskilled women at home with low self-esteem, and jobless senior citizens is growing daily in these areas.

Knobin Consulting – a highly professional in organising Educational Events – have taken the initiative of an educational awareness programme by organising ‘Vocational Career & Employment (VCE) Expo 2014’ at the Bowman Hall, Blacktown NSW on 12 and 13 of November 2014.

Knobin Consulting is bringing the top VET Colleges who are offering variety of courses, under one roof. Knobin Consulting is holding a Vocational Career & Employment (VCE) Expo 2014 at the Bowman Hall, Blacktown NSW on 12‑13 November 2014. Knobin Consulting is inviting top VET colleges to participate in the VCE Expo 2014, to offer their educational and career building services to visitors.

This is a community project of Knobin Consulting working with community organisations. The choice of Blacktown to stage the VCE Expo 2014 has purposely been to encourage the huge number of youth, women and senior citizens from Greater Western Sydney and Inner West areas to attend. Anyone who is looking for a new career or would like to enhance their qualifications and skills or find a suitable job can meet educational service providers, career counsellors and employment consultants. The organising team of Knobin Consulting are highly qualified and experienced educationists, training consultant, counsellors, mentors and life coaches. They are offering FREE services in this two days event to the visitors. VCE Expo 2014 is a free event open to the public.

VCE Expo 2014 offers Great Opportunities for Visitors and Exhibitors

The event is a great opportunity for visitors as they can meet with career advisors, counsellors, employment consultants, trainers and mentors, free of charge. The visitors who have registered online will receive lots of prizes including laptops, iPads, iPhones in 2-hourly draws. There will be employment experts who will provide free advice on CV and job seeking consultation. Free tea, coffee and snacks will be available for the visitors.  In regard to the transportation to the Bowman Hall, Blacktown train station and bus stop are only on 5 minutes’ walk.

Being a community project, the stall charges are low compare to other exhibitions of this kind and high return over two days.  And, the non-profit organisations, government agencies, employment & recruiting agencies, and  public schools are being  offered 50 percent discount in order to participate as exhibitors.

The venue is centrally located targeting a highly populated area of unskilled and unemployed, including school leavers, VCE Expo 2014 is a free event open to the public.

youth, women and senior citizens. For details visit (The writer is a CEO of Knobin Consulting and regular contributor of Navatarang)

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