I Love Blacktown

In our mailbox last week is a flyer from the Blacktown City Council seeking comments on whether the current name of the Council shall remain unchanged, or shall it be changed to “Western Sydney” or some other name?

The flyer had a ‘note’ stating that “this is NOT about changing the name of the suburb.” So, going by this note, I will take the Council’s word that the name of our beloved city shall remain as Blacktown. I will take it is an iron-clad guarantee that the name Blacktown – which refers to the city, suburb, and local government area (LGA) and had been in use for more than 100 years – will remain unchanged.

I have read, though, in proposals and comments in the public domain that certain councillors are proposing to rename Blacktown. The reasons given were flimsy, alluding to the so-called political correctness, or a dislike for the colour black.

I love blacktownI love Blacktown. In the last house I owned, I had the ‘I love Blacktown’ sticker glued to my front window.

As a resident of this city for most of my 26 years in Australia, I affirm that I love it. The name is its own identity. It has charm, character, and gravitas worthy of respect.   The colour in the name is not an issue to me. I just look across the Tasman Sea and marvel at how proud the All Blacks wear their colour to proclaim their sporting achievements.

Blacktown can also proudly proclaim the city bearing such a unique name with its achievements in many fields. The Council Report is replete with accomplishments done in the name of Blacktown.

Just as it has inspired the pioneers in this community, Blacktown as a city can further inspire its many residents, entrepreneurs, professionals, business owners, employees – the entire community – to maximise the skills mix of its growing and vibrant multicultural community to make it richer – culturally, financially, economically, and in the field of governance.

As a suburb, it can accomplish higher goals to greater acclaim, with better management, sustained commitment, and bold decision making of its leaders. Progress has nothing to do with the colour that happens to be in its name. Action – meaningful, productive action, coupled with sound budgeting of resources – results in progress.

If it comes to a vote or a referendum, I will choose to retain the name of Blacktown. For its uniqueness, its historical significance, and the affinity and affection that I have developed while domiciled here.

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