30 Years after Edsa: Jim continues to inspire through his music

It was thirty years ago that Jim Paredes composed the song encapsulating the spirit of the People Power Revolution which ousted the Marcos regime.

Jime Paredes at the 30th Anniversary of Edsa Revolution. Photo by Dondi Alikpala

Jime Paredes at the 30th Anniversary of Edsa Revolution. Photo by Dondi Alikpala

Jim wrote the song “Handog ng Pilipino sa Mundo” [the Filipinos’ gift to the World] inspired by the success of the people’s bloodless revolution.  He shares that he was so fired up that he wrote the song in three minutes and did no changes to it.

The song was recorded in April 1986 and sang by 15 artists.  The same song was one of the songs performed at the commemoration of the event of great historical significance, dubbed as Edsa 30 – Pagbabago Ipinaglaban Ninyo, Ipagpapatuloy Ko.  Jim was acknowledged during the emotional event as the composer of the song performed by the Ryan Cayabyab singers.

After the official close of the commemoration’s program, young and old alike approached Jim to express their love of the song and requested to have photos with him.

When asked how he felt hearing his song still being performed at the Edsa event thirty years on, Jim said: “I was ecstatic, felt touched and proud.  I felt that I was chosen by God as an instrument to have the song written.  It is wonderful to see how the young people connect to the song which I guess has a timeless theme or message.”

Jim continues to share his gift of music through sold out concerts either solo or with Boboy Garovillo, a co-band member of the iconic Apo Hiking Society and through their CDs being played in radio shows, parties and even in karaoke sessions.

He also inspires and passes on his passion and knowledge about music teaching songwriting in addition to his other classes in the Ateneo University.

Talking of records, Jim is about to release his second CD since the Apo disbanded in 2010.

The first CD titled “Laro” [game] which was released in 2013 reflected his playful spirit.  Sometime in March 2016, his second CD will be launched by Universal Records.  Aptly titled “Ten Pieces”, the album features ten songs, three of which were reconstructed Apo Hiking Society songs.

One of these three songs was a translation of an English song to Filipino and the other seven songs are new compositions.  The album will involve seasoned artists such as Aiza Esguerra, Glock 9, Noel Cabangon, Boboy Garovillo to name a few, as well as an eleven year old singer, Andee Achacoso.

Jim commented: ” I have many more songs in my head, with or without Apo influence.  They are like my babies and I feel I’ll abort them if I don’t record them.  I hope to record at least six more albums before I cark it.”

Looks like that it would still be a while till Jim possibly hangs his guitar but his music will continue to touch many more lives.

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