Students lend a hand to orphans in Davao

Colourful, eco-friendly classroom seats packed with school items will be shipped to orphans in the Philippines, thanks to a group of Australian high school students.

Year 7 to Year 9 students from the Coreen School in Blacktown did their labour of love under the S.E.A.T. ‘Take a Seat, Lend a Hand’ Project for over six weeks to complete and design the stools for the orphans.

The S.E.A.T Project stands for ‘Sustainability, Education, Art and Teamwork’ and is a social initiative and arts based educational product that educates children in social values, sustainability and encourages community engagement.

“The students from Coreen have built bamboo SEATs (providing work for families in Vietnam), learned about sustainability, social impact, social enterprise and wise, philanthropic action and finally decided to ‘gift’ their completed bamboo stools to an orphanage in The Philippines,” said Christa Silva, S.E.A.T. national project manager.

“They identified and chose ‘Angel House’ in San Isidro, Davao Oriental, as the recipients of the SEATs.”

The partnership with the Philippines was made through the Philippine Embassy in Canberra which endorsed the SEATs drive for the orphanage.

Coreen School teacher John Williamson said the students took part in the programme under their school ‘Project-Based Learning’ subject.

The bamboo seats are now on display at the Max Webber Library in Blacktown City (until November 11) before they are shipped to the Philippines.

Year 8 student Brianna Ferguson said they worked an hour a day on making the seats during their classes.

“I put flowers, a heart-warming poem and bright colours on my SEAT to make the children feel good. The change for better that I hope happens is for children to have a happy home and a happy family,” Brianna said. She was one of students who received recognition for their efforts during the launch of the SEAT display at the Blacktown Library.

Attending the exhibition were Blacktown City councilor Katie Collins, Coreen School principal Tiffany Nowland, and Consul Marford Angeles from the Philippine Consulate.

With a double use as a compartment, the seats have been packed with classroom materials for the beneficiaries. The products will be shipped to the Philippines after the exhibition. LBC Cargo will provide the services to ship the products.

[Everyone is invited to see the SEAT Project display at the Max Webber Library in Blacktown until November 11.   To learn more about S.E.A.T, visit website or see them on Facebook at

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