Duty beckons the Beauty

She believes in giving than receiving and Jayde Crystal Wright’s pageant title probably suits her well.  The Charity Queen 2016 embarks on a mission of loving and giving this Christmas in the Philippines.

“When I go back to the Philippines this Christmas, I plan to be a Charity Santa and give presents to children less fortunate who deserve a happy Christmas like we all do. I will give them clothes, toys and possibly share my favourite puto bumbong!” Jayde says about her upcoming Christmas holiday in her mother’s hometown in Puerto Galera.

“Christmas to me is a time for giving rather than receiving. It’s a time to remember others less fortunate than ourselves and to give back to those in need.”

Born in Australia (Five Dock, Inner West) Jayde was 14 the last time she set foot in the Philippines.   Now she is eager to spend time with those who mean most to her: her family “especially grandad who is getting older by the minute.”

The communications major takes her task as Charity Queen with a passion mixed with a sense of duty.

“The minute I became Miss Charity Queen Australia, I thought to myself, how can I use this title to my advantage to really make a difference in this world?” she says.

“A week after being crowned, Angela (Miss Philippines-Australia) and I were invited by our president Lolita Farmer to the United Nations Day Cenotaph Ceremony in association with UNICEF Australia. A few days later I applied for a role with UNICEF and I can proudly say I’ve been working with them for over a month now, promoting awareness about child rights and protection.”

Jayde is passionate about the real things that matter and she believes she has a role to play in the community and beyond the borders.

“I know that my work is definitely helping the country that means most to me which is both the Philippines and Australia. Ending world hunger is something that is close to my heart in which I am very passionate about. I believe no human should go to bed hungry or thirsty.”

She has been preparing for her trip including polishing more of her Tagalog with the help of her lovely mum Cathy Snell.  She’s picking up fast – “I can speak more.”  She loves writing, speaking in public and using her voice as a platform to inspire others:  a beauty with a purpose.

“Once I finish my degree in Communications at the end of 2017, I look forward to use my voice, my writing skills and my title to really make a difference.”

She is serious about health and exercise and loves doing anything outdoors, playing tennis with her dad, being around nature, listening to music, reading an interesting book, cooking a new meal or watching a documentary.

“Walking anywhere near water, along the beach with my dog is a must! Educating myself on worldly topics is a huge interest for me, because I believe education is very important.

“The biggest challenge personally for me now is to not neglect my studies as I only have one more year to go until I graduate and to not neglect any of my other goals such as preparing for more beauty pageants and modelling.  When times get stressful, I remind myself why I decided to do this and I think of the many people that I am helping and it keeps me strong and optimistic!”

Her Christmas wish?

“My Christmas wish this year is that I hope God gives me the strength to keep preserving and striving towards my goals of helping those less fortunate, I wish that people will stop focusing on themselves and the small issues in life and to start looking at the bigger picture and the bigger problems in our world so that we as a community can help make our world become a better place.”

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  1. Lolita Farmer

    Jayde how beautiful you are in and outside. PASC is lucky to have you as the Charity Queen Australia 2016, and so blessed are we with one of your passion and courage in the area of humanitarian series. Am so glad you had the wonderful opportunity to work for UNICEF which in my past years as UN Ambassador (NGO) for PPSEAWA was one of the causes got into. Carry on and we stand behind you. Proud of what you are giving PASC and the community your selfless dedication in charity works See you when you return and carry on the noble mission.

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