Mig Ayesa heads home to take part in “The Music of Queen”

MiG Ayesa’s fans in Australia will be thrilled as the heart-throb Broadway Superstar is heading home to take part in ‘The Music of Queen’.

MiG will be one of the Australian and International guest stars to perform in this rock and symphonic spectacular celebrating the greatest hits of Queen, supported by a full symphony orchestra.

The show will again be staged at the iconic Sydney Opera House on January 18 and 19, 2017 after a successful season last year.

The show highlights the harmony, hits, and nostalgia of one of the world’s all-time great bands featuring Bohemian Rhapsody, We Are The Champions, and many more. The unforgettable magic of Queen, will be performed by international stars of We Will Rock You, MiG Ayesa (USA/UK), Carly Thomas Smith (USA), Michael Falzon (AUS/UK) and Amanda Harrison (AUS/UK).

I have watched MiG in Rock of Ages in Broadway and Thriller in Sydney, and was devastated to miss The Music of Queen the last time it was in Sydney. Having confirmed the buzz in social media that TMOQ will be reprised in January 2017, I asked MiG a few questions about it –

VC:  What did you enjoy most when you first got involved in the musical?

MiG:  There is so much to enjoy with this show.  First of all, it’s the music of QUEEN… which happens to be my favourite band of all time.  The songs are timeless and are so rich with beautiful melodies and moving intensity that they lend themselves beautifully to orchestal interpretations.  When we first performed Richard Sidwell’s brilliant arrangements, we did so on the grounds of majestic castles and venues all over Britain.  It added a sense of grandeur to the already grand occasion.  So, the fact that we are performing the MUSIC OF QUEEN in Sydney at the  Opera House continues this tradition of making this show an event in so many ways.

VC: What makes The Music of Queen special or different from other shows you have done?

MiG:  This is a concert.  A symphonic concert.  There is no narrative.  It is not my music.  But it is the music I am passionate about and am honoured to celebrate.  I am a vessel through which we can appreciate the magnificence of the music of one of the greatest bands that ever was in a way that may not have been heard before. The symphonic treatment of the songs gives respect to the legacy of QUEEN and gravitas to its beauty.

VC:  Would the concert tour other major Australian cities? 

MiG:  It is scheduled for a couple of nights in Melbourne, but I think that will be it for this time around I’m afraid! It SHOULD tour all of Australia. I think everyone will enjoy this night of awesomeness.

VC:  Any other comments about the concert you wish to share.

MiG:  This is not a ‘musical’ like WE WILL ROCK YOU. This is a celebration of the music of one of the greatest bands in rock ‘n’ roll history. Combine an eight piece rock band, four international singers and a symphonic orchestra with this music and set it in one of the most iconic music halls in the world against a backdrop of one of the most beautiful cities in the world and it will be a night not to be missed and never forgotten.

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